About Superior Career Fairs

Superior Career Fairs is one of the most experienced career fair organizations in the nation with roots running back to 1982.  We specialize in physical as well as virtual career fairs in addition to single organization open houses.  We are a one-stop, full service solution for planning, coordinating, promoting and implementing successful career fairs and open houses.

For Job Seekers

Attending a career fair is another way for candidates to bolster their job seeking efforts. At a career fair, job seekers put themselves directly in front of the companies that need their skills, giving themselves an advantage versus the competition.

Superior Career Fairs career fairs bring together hundreds of employers and thousands of uniquely qualified candidates each year. By shortening the time-to-hire cycle, a career fair allows employers and candidates to optimize their time by participating in multiple, fast-paced interviews.

For Employers

With Superior Career Fairs, businesses and recruiters can meet face-to-face with hard-to-find candidates and complete immediate, in-person interviews. Superior Career Fairs also produces individual open houses for any individual organization.